Board of Directors

Karen Venables
President, Co-founder

Karen Venables is a Calgary citizen, a wife and a mother. Karen’s life changed with one phone call on Nov 4/2002. After  ONE-DECISION made that evening by another young man her 18-year old son was critically injured. After the words that a father, mother or brother never want to hear “Devin has no chance of recovery, no chance of survival, you need to discontinue life support”.  With the help of the HOPE program Devin saved the lives of many people in Alberta that fateful day.

Karen is the founder and Director of the DEVIN Foundation which is an acronym for Diligently Ending Violence In Neighborhoods. Karen has spoken across our province at schools and conferences from as far north as Yellowknife and south as Lethbridge and dozens in between. In April of 2007, Karen was one of nine Albertans appointed to the Premier’s task force of Crime Reduction and Safe Communities and travelled across our province listening to Albertans and recording their thoughts about the crime that has plagued our province. The task force then submitted 31 recommendations to the Premier on how they felt the province could help reduce the crime in our province and she is happy to report that 29 of those recommendations were approved.

After the criminal trial, Karen entered a program in our province called “Restorative Justice” and sat across the table from the young man who changed her life forever.