Board of Directors

Gordon Rae

Gordon Rae has lived with his wife in Calgary for 40 years. He attended SAIT Polytechnic where he completed the Communication Electrician Certificate Program and later completed the Business Management Certificate Program at the University of Calgary.

Gordon’s daughter, Sarah, was born here in 1983 and grew to be a beautiful young woman with many friends. As an only child, Sarah was the centre of her parents’ universe from before birth, through her 24+ years of life, and will continue to be forever. On the morning of August 3rd, 2008, a CPS detective came to their door to deliver the most devastating news a parent could ever hear. Sarah had been murdered in the night and a homicide investigation was beginning. That investigation concluded with her ex-boyfriend being charged, and eventually convicted, of 2nd degree murder.

Gord and his wife became involved with previous homicide support groups—one formal group that was funded by AHS until the funding was pulled a few years ago. This was followed by a less formal group with the help of volunteers. They then were pleased to hear of the plan to start the new Calgary Homicide Support Society due to the efforts of Karen, Debbie, Nancy and others.

After the first year of meetings, Gord was invited to put his name forward to serve as a director of this group to which he immediately responded positively to. With the past experience in support groups as well as surviving the trauma and grief of losing an only child to homicide and enduring the emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion that goes along with the judicial process that follows, he has a passionate desire to exchange valuable insight and support with the members of the group and the board of directors.