Support Group Facilitators

Dr. Scott McLean


Dr. McLean brings an extensive background as an educator and justice service/mental health consultant to his role as the facilitator with the CHSS Support Group.

Scott’s clinical practice includes trauma counselling with crime victims and vicarious trauma interventions with first responders Scott has worked extensively with victims of crime and is committed to achieve the primary goal of the Support Group, which is to help lessen the suffering and trauma of family members following the violent death of a loved one.

Dr. McLean’s role:

  • To screen applicants to confirm that: those interested in joining have lost a loved one to homicide, have a clear understanding of the scope of the group, and that it appears the Support Group is an appropriate resource to address their needs.
  • To facilitate the support meetings and guide the discussion within the group to ensure a safe, comfortable and compassionate environment is established and that individual stories are honoured.
  • To provide factual information about the criminal justice system.
  • To arrange occasional guest speakers on specific topics that is viewed as valuable from the group participants’ perspective.
  • To offer those group members, whose needs exceed the scope of this group, an opportunity for referrals to additional community resources (programs and services).
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